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Bring Her to Your Town!


You can bring Erzsébet: The Opera to you! Everything you need is available, from a full production down to just the score and parts.

Bring our brilliant soloist and ensemble; we'll provide you with light plots and timings, set design, news releases, poster designs and program contents, and record PSAs for you ... everything to be ready for our arrival.

Or you can do it yourself. Work out the grand rights with us, and we'll provide whatever you need -- light plots and timings, set design ideas, costume specifications, illustrations and text for posters and PSAs and programs, source for cimbalom samples, printed or PDF full score and parts ready to go!

Erzsébet takes talent and dedication. It is moderately taxing for the instrumentalists, but requires a talented soprano soloist with endurance and control. Your minimal production team will need: soprano soloist and optional actor (for the multiple silent roles of maid, daughter, and church singer), director, conductor, lighting supervisor, costumer, instrumentalists (flute/piccolo, E-flat/B-flat/bass clarinet, soprano sax, violin, viola, cello, percussion and cimbalom or keyboard with cimbalom samples), and production assistants.

The production runs approximately one hour and ten minutes.

For more information, please contact the composer.