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Photo Purchases

To help fund the opera project, I've made it possible for you to purchase a printed copy of almost any photograph on this site (except the Countess photos from other sources, images in the Art Gallery, and images that show actual people). You'll love those towers and arches and vistas! Much more dramatic on paper than on this website! You can also get a large copy of the Bathory crest (the original one in circular form that's at the top left of these pages).

How to get a picture:

As soon as I receive your information via the contact form, I will get back to you with details on what is available, options for formatting, etc. These are printed individually on the highest quality Kodak photo paper. (I'll also tell you if the photo isn't a very good one for printing.) Remember to include your valid email address! And if you don't hear from me within 24 hours, send me a note addressed to bathory / at / bathory / dot / org.

Also available: DVD of the 8-minute opera rehearsal scene with a copy of the autographed musical score, $35.