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Gallery of Art

Here are two new images (January 2015)

Linn Madeleine Zeena Petersson

Untitled (2014)
Oil on canvas.

Linn Madeleine Zeena Petersson untitled painting

Abraao Chagas de Andrade

Untitled (2014)
Oil on canvas.

Abraao Chagas de Andrade untitled painting

2013 gallery includes this tattoo from Rocco D'Addetta (April 2013)

Rocco D'Addetta

"Bathory" (2013)
Tattoo design from the Bathory dragon crest. (Click image for larger version) You can follow Rocco on Twitter.

Rocco D'Addetta: Bathory Tattoo

Here are two new images (April 2012)

Scot D. Ryersson: Keep Young and Beautiful

"Keep Young and Beautiful" (2012)
Sculpture, Antique apothecary bottle; genuine antique bronze bathtub foot in the shape of a winged lion; dried thorn branches; antique cameo of young woman’s profile on gilt chain; amber glass bead; embroidered, sequined and beaded French silk ribbon; color print of Bathory coat-of-arms; black and white print of thorns
For sale. Please visit the website.

Scot D Ryerson sculpture Keep Young and Beautiful

Aurora Walderhaug: Two Paintings

"Elizabeth the Infamous" and "Erzsebet Bathory"
For sale. Please visit the website.

Aurora Walderhaug: Elizabeth the Infamous
Aurora Walderhaug: Erzsebet Bathory

A new image has just come in (May 2011)...

Paul Mellino: Elizabeth

"Elizabeth" (2010)
Oil on Canvas
40 x 24 Inches This painting is for sale; please contact Paul Mellino

Paul Mellino painting of Countess Bathory

Alex Adams: The Blood Countess painting (Skull and Bones Gallery)

"The Blood Countess, Erzsébet Báthory 1560 - 1614"
2009 Alex Adams
Oil on Canvas
20 x 16 Inches

Alex Adams painting of Countess Bathory

Robert Vlad Wisniewski: Etching

Robert Vlad Wisniewski Etching of Countess Bathory

William Max Miller: Portrait of Countess Bathory

William Max Miller Portrait of Countess Bathory

Dead Cowboy: Bathory Pendant

Dead Cowbody's Countess Bathory Pendant

Sarah Leon: Woman with Blood

Sarah's Woman with Blood

Lilith Stabs as Elizabeth

Lilith Stabs as Elizabeth

Erzsébet Portrait Copy:
Bathory Pizzeria, Cachtice, Slovakia

Original Erzsebet Painting in Bathory Pizzeria

Iza: Bloody Bathory (courtesy Daria Kwarta)

Iza: Bloody Bathory

Jerome C. Krause: Portrait of Elizabeth Bathory
(courtesy of the photographer)

Krause: Elizabeth Bathory

Since you're here, why not have a look at some castle walls?